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Music & Arts Program for Youth, Inc.

"Guiding youth to succeed!"



The Music & Arts Program for Youth, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to delivering specialized programs in music, art, literacy, character and leadership development to youth in under-resourced communities.

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Where Opportunity Begins!

Since June 2010 the Music & Arts Program for Youth, Inc. has created cultural art spaces, provided musical instruments, art supplies and innovative learning programs at no cost to youth.

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Transforming Lives

Painting Eggs


Creative Expressions

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Top Talent Live!

Cultural Arts Scholarships

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M.A.P. for Youth, Inc. Takes Center Stage in Summer Camp

M.A.P. for Youth, Inc.

From the Heart
to Reality

M.A.P. for Youth, Inc. and the City of Gainesville Parks Recreation & Cultural Affairs Takes Center Stage
in Summer Camp!

We believe that nurturing artistic talent is vital for personal growth and contributes to building strong communities.

M.A.P. for Youth, Inc. Specialty Summer Camp

Throughout the summer, students have been immersed in a dynamic learning environment where they have explored the fundamentals of music and art while honing their leadership skills. It has been truly inspiring to witness their growth and creativity unfold before our eyes.

"Guiding Youth to Succeed!"
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Image by Erik Mclean
Puppet Show

From the Heart to Reality:
The Unfolding of M.A.P.

Sunny day in the mountains. Bill Rogers, Wilma Rogers

"We strive to make the arts available to all by creating spaces for opportunities."  - Bill

Puppet Play, Porters Community Center, M.A.P. children's event

Bill Rogers, President and Founder of the Music & Arts Program for Youth, Inc., proudly presents students with their certificates of achievement and a musical instrument of their choice.

"We are committed to ensuring the arts are accessible to all, fostering environments for growth." Growing up in Alabama in the 1960s, I quickly learned that access is not always equal. Regardless of whether one resides in a metropolis or a small town, there are children and families unable to afford cultural art classes or event tickets. Providing avenues for young people to display their gifts and talents is crucial in every society. Whether it is through visual art, musical composition, dance choreography, storytelling, or simply enjoying a live performance, we endeavor to ensure that the arts are within reach of all, by cultivating spaces for opportunity. Investing in youth is always the right thing to do." - Billl

The Music & Arts Program for Youth, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization serving youth in Florida, Alabama, Georgia and California.  Since June 2010 M.A.P. has provided musical instruments, art supplies and innovative learning programs at no cost to youth. This program teaches youth the fundamentals of music and art along with character education, literacy and leadership development.

Alachua residents Bill and Wilma Rogers recognize that all families do not have the financial means to afford cultural programs for their children. It is Bill and Wilma's goal along with the board of directors to provide under-served youth an opportunity to participate in development programs in order to learn and grow into productive citizens who give back to their communities.

Our Programs

"Guiding youth to succeed!"

Top Talent Live!

A Great Cause!

 Top Talent Live's mission is to cultivate awareness in the arts. The Music & Arts Program for Youth, Inc. champions the belief that quality music and art education should be accessible to all. Through the program's endeavors, Top Talent Live serves as a gateway to the arts, aiming to positively influence the lives of children and families.​

What Makes This Show Unique?

Top Talent Live offers program participants a platform to display their artistic talents and receive professional feedback, aiding them in achieving their cultural arts aspirations. Additionally, other participants engage in hands-on training across various career roles, including assistant stage management, customer service, graphic design, lighting and sound engineering, marketing assistance, production support, set design, show hosting, videography, and voiceover. This diverse experience fosters confidence, introduces new skill sets, expands networks, and offers invaluable real-world exposure. In addition to personal growth, this program serves a crucial role in stimulating economic advancement and enhancing the quality of life for both participants and the wider community.

Bill Rogers said, “Investing in youth is always the right thing to do.”

See amazing talent come to life! Top Talent Live brings a variety of performances to the forefront of American culture with top acts of the season.

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"Children's lives are changed when we invest in them." - Wilma

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