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Music & Arts Program for Youth, Inc.

The Music & Arts Program for Youth, Inc. was established to make cultural arts accessible and affordable to youth in under-resourced communities. This program provides the fundamentals of music and arts. Students are provided with in-house musical instruments and art supplies.  M.A.P. has created additional and valuable programs to help youth succeed.

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Authored By Me

Authored by Me teaches students how to develop poetry, and short stories along with learning the process of book publishing. This program inspires children to become published authors, which can be reflected on their college applications and resumes. In addition, students experience the art of playwriting and puppetry.

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M.A.P. Network

The M.A.P. Network produces educational videos for M.A.P. media platforms for children to learn and grow.

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Top Talent Live!

Top Talent Live provides a platform for youth to bring their talent to life on stage for a chance to win a $1K Cultural Arts Scholarship!  Top Talent Live is a registered trademark.

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Reading Empowers All Dreams

This program helps youth develop and build literacy skills. Children improve their reading, writing, and comprehension skills with fun learning tools.

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Reading Empowers All Dreams

M.A.P.'s  legacy historical tours is the field trip educational component.  M.A.P. youth build on classroom instruction and foster cultural awareness by exposing them to worlds outside of their own. 

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Beat The Odds

This program engages youth in the art of digital drumming to learn music composition, improve team building skills as they experience new digital technology.  

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M.A.P. Christmas Carousel for Kids

M.A.P. CARES' mission is to assist families who are in need of basic daily necessities in the home.

M.A.P. Cares

This program was established to help children smile on Christmas day. 

The M.A.P. Cares program is made possible by donors, sponsors and business partners.

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