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Meet The Author

Wilma J. Rogers

Wilma Rogers, Children's book author

"Step into the wonder world of Grandma's Seeds bedtime story children's books, where imagination knows no bounds and every page is a gateway to adventure! Meet Wilma, the creative force behind these captivating episodes that breathe inspiration into the hearts of young readers."

Wilma Rogers is the passionate and proud creator of Grandma's Seeds Children's Books. Her vibrant stories are filled with captivating characters and inspiring storylines, serving as catalysts for engagement and dialogue. They foster imagination and impart valuable lessons, transforming classroom reading and bedtime into magical and educational experiences.

Wilma’s journey into the world of storytelling is a tapestry woven from a variety of creative pursuits. She began with curriculum development, teaching visual arts, literacy development, and puppetry, including puppetry playwriting and songwriting for the M.A.P. Network Channel. Wilma mentions that she could not have finished the video creations without the original compositions of  her talented husband, Bill. Each of these experiences has profoundly influenced her storytelling, enriching her ability to create meaningful and enchanting stories for children.

In addition to her work as an author, Wilma is the Chief Operating Officer for the Music & Arts Program for Youth, Inc. (M.A.P.). Serving youth in Florida since June 2010, the 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization’s mission is to provide music, art, character education, literacy and leadership development to youth under-resourced communities at no cost to children.

Wilma and her husband, Bill Rogers, residents of Alachua, are deeply committed to making cultural programs accessible to all families, regardless of their financial means. Together with the board of directors, they strive to provide underserved youth with opportunities to participate in development programs, helping them grow into productive citizens who give back to their communities.

Wilma's dedication and talent were recently recognized when her latest book, Rainforest Rescue, won the prestigious Literary Titan Book Award. This accolade celebrates her commitment to creating stories that not only entertain but also educate and inspire young readers.

Rainforest Rescue Children's

Rainforest Rescue

A Literary Titan Prestigious Award Winning Children's Book!

Join Cleo as he follows a playful butterfly deep into the rainforest, only to find himself lost and far away from home. As Cleo encounters a wise bird who becomes his guide, children will discover the power of seeking help when faced with challenges. Through vibrant illustrations and heartwarming storytelling, young readers will learn the importance of courage, friendship, and perseverance.

Rainforest Rescue children's book is not just an entertaining read; it is an educational tool that sparks curiosity about wildlife conservation and environmental preservation. Children will become inspired to protect our precious rainforests and the remarkable creatures that call them home. Get ready for a thrilling journey filled with excitement, emotions, and valuable life lessons.

Worthy Note: We are thrilled to honor Wilma Rogers for her exceptional literary contribution with this esteemed award from Literary Titan. Her book has captured our hearts and minds, earning it extraordinary praise and recognition.

Don't miss out on experiencing the brilliance of her award-winning book. Get your copy today and embark on an unforgettable literary journey!

Themba Cares to Act Children's Book

Themba Cares To Act

Themba faces the biggest challenge of his life. A grave problem threatens the very existence of his family, the future ocean animal community, and all his friends. Themba’s care to act leads to a sensational change in the ocean community. This story imparts valuable lessons about the significance of love, family, environmental stewardship, and the collective power of individuals working together to make a difference. Make this bedtime story a cherished moment for your little ones.

Dance Twinkle Sparkle Shine Children's Book

Dance Twinkle Sparkle & Shine

Start enjoying this enchanting bedtime story with Sparkles, a determined little star who teaches children the power of staying true to embrace their unique abilities. In a world filled with distractions, Sparkles refuses to become swayed by others and instead turns her focus inward. As she discovers her special talent to dance, twinkle, sparkle and shine, Sparkles learns the importance of letting her unique light radiate from within.

Through Sparkles' journey, kids will become inspired to nurture their extraordinary gifts and understand that their unique ability has the potential to make the world a brighter and more meaningful place. Sweet dreams await as Sparkles' story unfolds, teaching valuable lessons about self-discovery, confidence, staying focused and the beauty of being true to oneself. Make this bedtime story a cherished moment for your little one

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