The Music & Arts Program for Youth, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provides music, arts, character education, literacy and leadership development to underserved youth.



The Music & Arts Program for Youth, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization serving youth in Florida, Alabama, Georgia and California.  Since June 2010 M.A.P. has provided musical instruments, art supplies and innovative learning programs at no cost to youth. This program teaches youth the fundamentals of music and art along with character education, literacy and leadership development.

Alachua residents Bill and Wilma Rogers recognize that all families do not have the financial means to afford cultural programs for their children. It is Bill and Wilma's goal along with the board of directors to provide under-served youth an opportunity to participate in development programs in order to learn and grow into productive citizens who give back to their communities.


City of Alachua recreation director Hal Brady said this program will give more children the chance to succeed in the arts. “This is a great opportunity for children to do something without it costing anything. A lot of people just cannot normally afford this type of program.”  Mr. Brady had nothing but good things to say about Bill and Wilma Rogers and how much they have already been able to do for this community. He said they are a great team and have proven time and again how much they care about the youth in Alachua.  “It doesn’t take a lot when it comes to giving to a great cause. It just takes a caring heart. And that’s where we are", said Wilma.


"The Music and Arts Program is a wonderful asset to our community. It's pleasing to know that youth in our community, regardless of socioeconomic status, have a place to go to enrich their lives with music and culture," said City Manager Traci Cain.  Together, Bill and Wilma aim to provide youth with a trusting environment in which to learn and grow in character, while discovering their gifts, talents and purpose.

Children in Science Class

A. Louidor

"The M.A.P. program continues to do amazing things for my children and in the community!"


A. Boukari,

Alachua City Manager

"The Music & Arts Program serves a vital role in helping our youth express themselves and their talents in creative ways.  No matter a child's background or abilities, the Music & Arts Program delivers."


Xernona Clayton

"We are so honored to have students with us from Florida!"



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